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14 Dec 2011 21 notes
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So I’ve begun messing with a Pokemon FireRed ROM, as an attempt to make my own hack (not that I really know anything about that sort of thing, but…).

The problem is, I have no real idea for a storyline to it. I mean, it would be all well and good to mess around and change Pokemon and stuff round a little, but if the storyline is the same old ‘GYM—LEAGUE—POKEDEX’ stuff, then I feel people wouldn’t like it. I mean, I know that that stuff would still be in there, but I’d like a different reason why, or a different backstory, or something.

What I have so far is only a premise:

Professor Oak has always secretly been a Bug Maniac, but supressed it because Bug Pokemon were thought of as weak and silly by the League. A year or so pre-game, he gave up hiding his true self, and started giving new trainers Bug Pokemon instead of the original triad - Caterpie, Spinarak, Heracross. He also bred a lot more Bugs and the surrounding routes are filled with them.

Team Rocket are very anti-Bug (perhaps Giovanni was originally part of the League, but, unimpressed by their softer stance on Bug Pokemon, he left to wipe them all out?), and all use Fire, Ground, and Rock type Pokemon.

That’s about it.

So, I was wondering if any of you had any ideas, or wanted to help with this in anyway (any help is appreciated, though particuarly a scripter right now)?